Bulk pricing program


Our Bulk pricing program allows resellers or individuals to purchase anything on our website at up to 75% OFF.  This program is great for some retailers who want to purchase items at a cheap price and resell for a profit. It allows you to purchase anything at the quantity needed in order to test your niche. It is also a great program for individuals looking to purchase multiple items at once at a cheap price. 


To join the bulk pricing program, you need to first create an account. By creating an account, you join the basic customer account. After creating an account it is necessary to contact us to request to be put in the bulk pricing program. If the request is not made, you account will be a regular account and you will be able to purchase at regular prices. Once your email is received, we will convert your account to a bulk purchaser account and you will immediately be able to see your reduced prices.


As a member of the Bulk pricing program you will get access to up to 75% OFF merchandise on our website. Bulk prices are exempt from coupons, sales, free gifts and promotions.


Shipping applies to all bulk purchases.


All orders must be paid in full before we can process the order.


No refunds or Returns on bulk purchases.


For additional questions regarding the Bulk pricing program, please contact customer service Here.


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